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1D glasses

Safety glasses, paint, copper wire, LEDs, electronics,
1D glasses are an immersion in colour as a one dimensional space

The project

The 1D glasses are designed to immerse the viewer in a one dimensional space made of colour. The absence of shapes and the powerful impact of colour on the mind and body force the brain into overdrive. From peaceful to almost unbearable, at times bordering on hallucination, this is very much an inner journey reminiscent of experimenting with LSD.


The work of J.W. Goethe and J. Itten on colour are largely based on the psychological and physiological impact of colours on people. The main references are “The Art of Colour” by J. Itten and “Theory of Colours” by J.W. Goethe. References that have been at the heart of my own work for over 20 years.


The Ganzfeld experiment is controversial because of the lack of scientific rigour with which it has often been conducted. It involves covering the eyes of the subjects with half ping-pong balls so that there is no leakage of light and a white (sometimes red) light is projected onto them. The only sound is a white noise (like the static noise of a radio stuck between two stations). After a certain time the subject, in this state of semi-isolation and without visual or auditory cues, is supposed to be in a favourable state to be receptive to telepathy.

Use in this project

For this project, the idea is to divert this experiment by creating a shapeless environment in which sound becomes the only reference point that connects the viewer the outside. By modulating the colours projected on the 1D glasses and thus on the eyes of the spectators it is then possible to influence the state of the person without directly interfering with the images that he/she forms in his/her mind. The mind looses itself by trying to produce competing images induced by the sounds, the colours or surging from deep inside them.  With 50 people simultaneously living this experience it becomes a form of collective hallucination.


Created by  Jonathan O’Hear

Produced by Fête du Théâtre

Built by Jonathan O’Hear and Shana O’Hear


1D glasses – Radio Théâtre –
Fête du Théâtre, Théâtre du Grütli, Geneva, 2015
1D glasses – Sensoriel Laps-
Nuit de la Science, Parc de la Perle du Lac, Geneva, 2016
1D glasses – /Inutile  –
Association pour la Danse Contemporaine, ADC, Geneva, 2017


“…a rare experience: to make you a fully resonating, seeing, being. In other words gravitating towards oneself.”
Le Temps